Man hit by police car

Jason and Sue Sellick said they were disgusted at their treatment by police.
Jason and Sue Sellick said they were disgusted at their treatment by police.

But Jason Lee Sellick admits he was abusive to police and had a kitchen knife.

Police spokesman Sergeant Gerry Cassidy said there had been no complaint made according to police records.

‘Police submitted both a crash report and a use of force report, as is required by regulations,’ he said. ‘Both of which are investigated at District Office level.’

Sellick pleaded guilty to being armed in a way that may cause fear when he appeared in Mandurah Magistrates Court on Friday.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Rod Murray said police were called to Fairway Crescent to attend a domestic incident on July 15.

Sgt Murray said Sellick had a 30cm knife and was shouting at police to get off his lawn.

He said Sellick stabbed the bonnet of a vehicle and police reversed.

Sellick then went to the driver’s side door with the knife, the vehicle moved forward and Sellick was struck and fell.

Sgt Murray said Sellick dropped the knife, got up and shaped up in a fighting stance.

Sellick said he had the knife because he was having suicidal thoughts.

He admitted to lashing out.

Magistrate Vivian Edwards ordered a presentence report and the case was adjourned until September 13.

Outside court, Sellick’s wife Sue claimed police had made a mountain out of a molehill.

‘They (police) ran him down, he went under the car,’ she said. ‘It was absolutely disgusting.’

Police were called to the property after an argument between Sellick, her son and a house guest.

Sellick said he was suffering from cancer and went outside to get away. He became angry when police parked on his front lawn.

But Mrs Sellick said her husband did not look threatening and the two officers were in the four-wheel-drive with the windows up.

The couple were shocked when he was charged.