Mandurah and Peel Tourist Organisation continues to map out future strategy

The Mandurah and Peel Tourist Organisation continues to interview visitors.
The Mandurah and Peel Tourist Organisation continues to interview visitors.

THE MANDURAH and Peel Tourism organisation (MAPTO) will continue to evaluate the region’s tourism brand with phase two of a research strategy underway.

Visitor interviews are being conducted in Dwellingup, Preston Beach, Serpentine Falls and Mandurah.

Chief executive officer of MAPTO Karen Priest said the organisation would continue to evaluate Peel region tourism branding.

“We’ve completed the initial phase, the Brand Health Survey, and are continuing with these essential visitor interviews and an online discussion forum this quarter,” she said.

“Our summer promotional campaign is underway to drive visitation into the Peel Region.”

Ms Priest said MAPTO had also convened a workshop to share the results so far and receive feedback on the second phase.

“We are continuing community engagement with Peel businesses and key stakeholders as we progress through the three stages of the $102,500 research program,” she said.

“The research project will quantify levels of satisfaction with the visitor experiences on offer, explore perceptions of the region leading to identifying unique selling propositions for future promotional campaigns and evaluate Anytime Adventures, the Peel’s current marketing campaign.”

Ms Priest said this kind of primary research would provide statistics for current and future Peel tourism businesses to operate against.

“It is only through understanding consumer expectations, needs and requirements, that we can develop optimised value propositions to drive destination visitation and revenue growth for Peel tourism operators,” she said.