Mandurah court: man punched 50-year-old for tailgating

A MAN will avoid a prison term if he successfully completes a pre-sentence order which he was placed on after he punched another man for tailgating.

Anesone Vaiuta pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm in Mandurah Magistrates Court on Friday.

The court heard that Vaiuta was working as a delivery driver on October 13 last year and was driving on the Forrest Highway around 12pm.

Vaiuta believed that the victim was tailgating him and took evasive action.

But, again the victim’s car ended up behind him.

When they stopped at the lights Vaiuta got out of his car and walked back to the victim’s car.

He punched the 53-year-old man in the face, which caused him to have a cut cheek and swelling.

Counsel for the accused said Vaiuta hadn’t taken his medication that day.

“He forgets how intimidating he looks,” counsel said.

“He offered an apology, but the victim did not want to engage with him.”

Vaiuta spent three days in Hakea Prison in relation to these charges and described them as the “worst days” of his life.

He has two other charges for assault and because of this Magistrate Vivien Edwards said she was considering a jail term.

She placed him on a 12 month pre-sentence order and will sentence him on April 17, 2017.