Mandurah court: woman drove into police car

A WOMAN who accidently drove into a police car was sentenced in Mandurah Magistrates court today .

Babysitter Sharon Eileen Collings pleaded guilty to being the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident in which property was damaged and failed to report the accident to Police, as well as careless driving.

On May 12 in Coodanup, Collings slowed down and accidently drove her Mazda CX-9 into the driver’s side of a police car that was parked parallel.

The police car driver’s door and wing mirror were damaged.

Collings failed to report the collision at the time.

Collings said she wasn’t aware she hit the car – it wasn’t intentional, she felt remorseful, but accepted responsibility.

She said she would have reported the collision at the time if she knew she had damaged the car.

At the time of the incident, Collings said she was going through trying circumstances which she said may have affected her driving.

The cost of the damage is still unknown.

Magistrate Anne Longden fined Collings $600.

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