Mandurah Crab Fest rises from ashes of Kanyana Carnival to put Peel on the map

The dress-up competition at the 2001 Mandurah Crab Fest.
The dress-up competition at the 2001 Mandurah Crab Fest.

THE Mandurah Crab Fest was originally a development of the Kanyana Carnival, a major community festival held in Mandurah for 30 years.

Following the demise of the Kanyana Carnival, as well as the decline in weekend visitor numbers, the City of Mandurah worked to develop an annual festival for Mandurah.

The aim of the festival was to encourage awareness and visitation to the Peel area.

It was decided a unique event was needed to put Mandurah back on the map.

Not only would the event raise awareness of what Mandurah had to offer, it would create a sense of community pride for residents.

Discussions with businesses and members of the community revealed a widely shared joy of crabbing in the estuary. This became the theme of Crab Fest.

The first Mandurah Crab Fest was held in 1999 and about 3000 attended.

Since then it has grown into WA’s largest free regional event, attracting more than 120,000 people.

WHAT: Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest
WHERE: Mandurah Foreshore
WHEN: March 17 and 18

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