Mandurah: Danielle’s Pink Picnic raises funds for cancer research

Danielle Deane with son Elijah (3) and fiancé Jaron at the picnic.
Danielle Deane with son Elijah (3) and fiancé Jaron at the picnic.

A GROUP of 18 local women and 10 businesses opened their picnic baskets at Henry Sutton Grove to help fundraise and support the fight against cancer.

The Pink Picnic fundraising event was organised by Mandurah resident and cancer survivor Danielle Deane, who wanted to live up to a promise made during her cancer battle.

“I always said once I was stronger and well, I would put my energy into doing a fundraiser for women’s health,’’ she said.

“The fundraiser is something close to my heart, having been through cervical cancer myself.”

Danielle, newly engaged with an 18-month old son, was only 23 when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Adenocarcinoma of the cervix, considered quite rare with only about 90 women diagnosed in Australia each year, is often hard to identify in the early stages.

The experience has left Danielle and her family feeling extremely grateful to have come out the other end cancer free.

“It is a constant reminder to make the most of every day,’’ she said.

“If there is anything I have taken away from all this it is to love those who love you, get rid of those who don’t add value to your life and enjoy the little things.’’

Businesses who got behind the event included Sharkys Mandurah, Skin Within, Mandurah Woolworths, The Perfect Box, Tanyas’s Tucker, Industry Aesthetic, Mandurah Gymbaroo, Nom Nom Cupcakes and Festoon Photography.

To help Danielle reach her goal amount, visit