Mandurah: English teacher breaches VRO with Facebook post

AN English teacher pleaded guilty in Mandurah Magistrates Court on Friday to breaching a violence restraining order (VRO) when he uploaded a photo of his wife to a website.

The police prosecutor told the court the man was served the VRO by police on December 15 last year and part of the order stated the accused must not create posts on social media regarding the protected person.

He ignored the order when he uploaded two photos of his family to fundraising site Go Fund Me.

Counsel for the accused said he was trying to fundraise for a family court case and did not realise the pictures would breach the terms of the order.

“The pictures did not show the protected person in a bad light,” counsel said.

“He won’t repeat it again.”

Counsel applied for a spent conviction as a criminal record could result in him losing his job.

Magistrate Vivien Edwards granted the spent conviction, but questioned the man’s reasoning skills.

“I thought a man of your intelligence and an English teacher at that would understand the order,” she said.

Magistrate Edwards fined him $1000.