Mandurah experiences most “ferocious” winter storm this year

A boat washed up on Rockingham beach. Picture: Jon Hewson
A boat washed up on Rockingham beach. Picture: Jon Hewson

LAST night Mandurah experienced its most “ferocious” winter storm this year, according to Mandurah SES spokesman Chris Stickland.

Mr Stickland said Mandurah experienced winds over 80km/h and around 12mm of rain, sporadically, from 6pm until midnight.

A DFES spokesperson said crews were called to five incidents between both Mandurah and Rockingham in the last 24 hours, including roof damage, an unhinged gate and power outages.

A boat was also found washed up on Rockingham beach this morning. Despite the nasty weather conditions, Mr Stickland said Mandurah homes and roads almost got away unscathed.

“We experienced very strong winds and we were really lucky,” he said.

“We had one incident the Mandurah SES crews attended to including a tree that blocked a road in Coodanup and we got the Parks and Gardens crew to chop it up.

“A Dawesville patio was ripped off a house and thrown on the roof next door and put a hole in their roof.

“Another incident involved an electronic door that was unhinged at Bethanie Peel aged-care centre.”

Mr Stickland said he was expecting more damage from Singleton all the way to top end of Lake Clifton.

“The last two storms Mandurah experienced had a lot more damage than this one which is unusual given the strength of the wind and how long it went for,” he said.

Mr Stickland said no was injured and no further reports were made to the Mandurah SES this morning.