Community mourns Mandurah Forum’s resident duck Floydette

Community mourns Mandurah Forum’s resident duck Floydette

MANDURAH Forum staff are mourning their resident duck Floydette today after she was hit by a car.

The Mandurah Forum team took their feathered friend to the emergency vet, but she couldn’t be saved.

Floydette was loved by the community and a small memorial tribute will be held in the precinct this afternoon.

The feathered fowl captured the hearts of the community, inspiring the launch of an Instagram account @forum_floyd.

After the $350 million forum redevelopment opening, Floydette waddled into the alfresco dining area feature pool and was there ever since.

The duck was given several names from the centre team and retailers, but Floyd was the favourite.

However, after the duck laid eggs, staff realised Floyd was actually a female, and she is now commonly known as Floydette.

Centre manager Jacqueline McKenzie said Floydette was popular with staff and customers.

She said the duck was well-looked after by restaurants including Ribs & Burgers, Sporting Globe Bar & Grill and Tao Cafe.

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