Mandurah Forum security guard punched in scuffle

Mandurah court
Mandurah court

A MAN punched a security guard after he was caught stealing a T-shirt from City Beach at Mandurah Forum.

Jayden Granucci (18) pleaded guilty to common assault and stealing in Mandurah Magistrates Court on February 12.

Police prosecutor Tamara Read said Granucci stole a T-shirt on September 26 and ran off when the security alarm went off.

She said Granucci threw the T-shirt away as he was being chased by security.

He hit the security guard with a clenched fist, which caused swelling.

Duty Lawyer Claire Hay said Granucci was getting support from a youth club in Rockingham.

Granucci was placed on an eight-month supervision order.