Mandurah: grandmother fined for reckless driving after ramming son-in-law’s car

AN ELDERLY nurse who wedged her son-in-law’s car into a fence out of anger pleaded guilty to reckless driving in Mandurah Magistrates Court today .

Kerry Lynnette Heys (63) pleaded guilty to destruction of property and reckless driving.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Mick Fallows said Heys went to her son-in-law’s house to speak to him after she witnessed a verbal altercation between her daughter and grandson.

Constable Fallows said Heys drove her Toyota utility to her son-in-law’s Pinjarra home on February 12.

When Heys arrived, she saw him driving a Holden Colorado with her 14-year-old grandson as a passenger in the car.

Heys decided to follow him on Beacham Road, pulled in front of her son-in-law’s car to stop it, struck it and caused damage to his Colorado.

Her son-in-law drove away, and Heys continued to follow him, wedging him at the end of Beacham Road between her vehicle and a fence.

Defence lawyer Russell Mark said Heys’ actions were out of character and she had no previous record.

Mr Mark said Heys’ “temper got the better of her”.

The defence lawyer said Heys did not intend to cause damage to her son-in-law’s car.

“(Heys) has an excellent relationship with her 14-year-old grandchild and wouldn’t do anything to hurt him,” Mr Mark said.

Magistrate Anne Longden replied “ but she did”.

Ms Longden said Heys’ reckless driving had “exceptional circumstances” and was worried Heys’ “anger and frustration” got the better of her.

“I understand you acted in the moment without intent to hurt but what you did could’ve hurt your grandchild you love and adore,” she said.

Ms Longden fined Heys $1000 and ordered a six month disqualification of her licence.

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