Mandurah hit by illegal signage urging people to vote no for current Mayor

Mandurah Mayor Marina Vergone with
Mandurah Mayor Marina Vergone with "Molly"

WHILE sign vandalism is common during an election, City of Mandurah’s current Mayor did not expect an illegal campaign to be launched against her.

Mayor Marina Vergone said she felt like she had been “kicked in the stomach” when she saw signs compelling people to vote against her this election.

The professionally printed corflutes appeared on Saturday morning around Mandurah.

They state Vote No Marina Vergone, but do not have any information regarding who printed them.

The signs allude to Mayor Vergone’s political allegiances, achievements and the way she spends her money.

These corflutes flout election campaign advertising rules which state signs must have the name and physical street address of the person authorising it.

“It’s low,” Mayor Vergone said.

“It’s the type of stunt the unions do in State Elections.

“The rangers are taking them down.”

Mayoral candidates Rhys Williams, Peter Jackson and Mark Brzezinski have not been targeted this way.

It is not known exactly how many signs were placed around town, but Mayor Vergone knows of more than three.

She said she does not know who might have placed the signs around town.

“The election has become very nasty,” she said.

“This is not what local government is all about.”

Mayor Vergone has also faced personal attacks on Facebook, which left her “feeling sick”.

The 2017 City of Mandurah has been marred by nastiness and backbiting.

Councillors took pot-shots at each other on social media last month.

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Then Councillor Dave Schumacher had his signs defaced.