Mandurah man finds Saturday night not alright for fighting

A 26-year-old father of two, and a mentor for people with disabilities, was fined $1600 in Mandurah Magistrates Court on Friday for obstructing police and being disorderly in public.

The court heard that on July 30, Craig Kingsley Smith was at Smart Street Mall in Mandurah when police observed him and another man fighting.

They approached Smith and asked him for his name and address.

Smith told them to walk away.

He verbally abused and swore at police.

Police told Smith he was under arrest and sprayed him with pepper spray.

Smith was represented by the duty lawyer, who told the court that Smith had a “hazy recollection” prior to police attending.

She said Smith had a problem with alcohol and had avoided drinking for a year.

With the return of his brother he decided to have a night out.

Smith was randomly attacked and knocked out before police saw him.

Magistrate Tanya Watt said Smith had been out of the judicial system since 2011.

“You have a bright future if you stay out of the court system,” she said.

Magistrate Watt gave him a reduced fine for pleading guilty early, but was unable to grant a spent conviction due to his prior record.

She fined him $600 for disorderly conduct and $1000 for obstructing police.