Mandurah: man given community work and community based order for graffiti

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A MAN who wrote ‘Mandurah Police are corrupt’ in the foyer of Mandurah Police Station was sentenced at Mandurah Magistrates court today.

Justin George Hill (43) represented himself in court for five counts of damaging property by graffiti.

On Saturday, December 9 at 11.20pm, Hill entered Silver Sands carpark and used spray paint to write ‘terrorist’ on the road surface.

At 11.30pm the same night, Hill went to McDonald’s on Pinjarra Road and used spray paint to write on the glass window of the premise, ‘f*** Trump’, which read 2m wide.

At 11.50pm the same night, he went to Mandurah Police Station and used spray paint to write ‘Mandurah Police are corrupt’ on a glass window in the foyer of the police station.

Hill then went to the police front carpark and spray painted two lines through the muster point sign and the 24 hour police sign.

The cost of damage to all property was unknown.Hill was on a community based order since June 2017 for an unrelated charge.

Hill said he had been drinking earlier that day and was angry about the police not listening to his complaints.

Magistrate Anne Longden said it was clear the charges may have been in association with some personal issues and she hoped he would get help.

However, Magistrate Longden said “it’s a nuisance to the community when people graffiti as no one wants it to happen”.

She said she would “let this one go” in regards to the community based order issued in 2017.

Magistrate Longden gave Hill a six month community based order with supervision requirements, as well as 40 hours of community work “for the trouble he’s caused the community”.

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