Mandurah: man who stole 3 beers from neighbour’s fridge fined

AN intellectually impaired man who took three stubbies of beer from a neighbour’s fridge was fined $800 in Mandurah Magistrates Court today.

Leslie John Harris (53), who resides in the care of his mother, entered his neighbour’s garage on November 15, the police prosecutor said.

He took three stubbies of beer from a neighbouring Boundary Road unit, the victim caught him and the police were called.

Harris pleaded guilty to burglary and stealing.

The duty lawyer representing Harris said he had argued with his mother that day and became upset.

He saw the garage was open and went in, and stole the stubbies.

The victim came home in his car and held Harris against the wall, bruising his neck.

Harris tried to give the beer back after being confronted by the victim.