Mandurah meth attack results in bite marks and genital injuries

A MANDURAH couple attacked each other as a result of a two day methamphetamine bender, it was heard in Mandurah Magistrates Court today.

On Sunday May 25, the police prosecutor said police attended an address in Mandurah in response to reports of an altercation.

They found a man and his partner at the address.

Both of them had consumed methamphetamine for two days straight.

The police prosecutor said during the altercation the man, who won’t be named to protect the victims, wrapped his hands around his victim’s neck and pushed her to the ground.

She had blurred vision after the attack.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of common assault in circumstances of aggravation.

The defence told the court the man was bruised, bitten and his partner injured his genitals during the altercation.

He spent five days in custody following the assault.

His lawyer said he is taking part in domestic violence and substance abuse counselling.

She said the man completed an electrical apprenticeship, but is currently unemployed and receiving government assistance.

Magistrate Vivien Edwards placed the man on a 12-month community based order, with program and supervision requirements. He will have to take part in urinalysis as part of the program.