Mandurah MLA David Templeman praises work to protect Peel fishery

David Templeman.
David Templeman.

MANDURAH MLA David Templeman has praised the efforts of key stakeholders in their quest to secure Marine Stewardship Council Certification for the Peel blue swimmer crab.

Mr Templeman told Parliament it was important to note in the House the significance of the Peel fishery, the role it has played historically in Peel and the way forward to ensure a continued and sustainable fishery in the Peel-Harvey estuary and the Indian Ocean.

“The unique thing about the push to have our Peel fishery recognised as a world-class certified sustainable seafood operation is that it is a co-operative process between commercial and recreational fishers,’’ he said. “It is a ground-breaking process, given the history of the Peel-Harvey system.

“The efforts of various stakeholders to secure, under the Marine Stewardship Council’s standard a gold-class rating for the seafood harvested from the Peel-Harvey is something I strongly support.

“I applaud the various stakeholders who played a part in that and particularly congratulate the local commercial fishers who are part of the Mandurah Licensed Fishermen’s Association and the recreational fisher stakeholders.”

Mr Templeman gave credit to MLFA president Damien Bell, a third- generation fisherman whose main priority is the continued productivity and health and wellbeing of the estuarine system, but who also wants to ensure that quality seafood produce grown in our region is done in a sustainable manner and value added.

He said accreditation would demonstrate co-operation between key stakeholders in the region – recreational fishers, professional and commercial fishers and other key stakeholders who understood the importance of the sustainability of the fishery in the Peel-Harvey system.

“I think we are in an historic position.

“Recreational fishers and commercial fishers have come together under this certification proposal to genuinely work towards making sure that we get maximum benefit from an economic perspective, a tourism perspective and, obviously, a sustainable future for the fishery perspective.”