Mandurah mum’s concerns prompts Smiggle yoyo recall

The YoYo Loco was recalled to protect children from injury or death.
The YoYo Loco was recalled to protect children from injury or death.

A MANDURAH mother prompted a national safety recall of Smiggle button battery-powered yoyos.

The worried mother reported her concerns about the product to Consumer Protection WA on June 20.

An officer subsequently carried out a product safety inspection and the findings were reported to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, prompting a product safety recall.

The recall was due to concerns about how easily the battery compartment could be opened, allowing access to button batteries.

Button batteries can kill or seriously hurt young children if swallowed.

Stationery and toy retailer Smiggle has since removed the yo-yos from stores across Australia, to protect children from injury or death.

Smiggle advised 10,848 had been sold nationally; 1119 in WA.

Consumer Protection acting commissioner David Hillyard commended Smiggle for withdrawing the items from sale.

He issued a warning to parents and carers who may have bought the yo-yos already.

“The yo-yos have been pulled from Smiggle store shelves but we’re worried about the toys already out there in homes or playgrounds; young children could be left with significant internal injuries, or even die, if they access and swallow the button batteries,” he said.

“If you are in any doubt about the risk these button batteries pose, every week up to 20 children are hospitalised in Australia after swallowing them; some are left with permanent disability and others have died.

“That’s because the batteries can get stuck in a child’s throat and burn through the oesophagus in as little as two hours.

“Anyone who has purchased the YoYo Loco should take it away from children and safely dispose of the batteries by wrapping them up and putting them in the bin, or by taking them to a local recycling facility.

“The yo-yo itself can be returned to Smiggle for a full refund.”

Safety standards exist in relation to battery-operated toys, which should have secured covers to prevent a child being able to access the batteries.

Toys without a secure compartment can be reported to Consumer Protection immediately by email: or phone 1300 30 40 54.