Mandurah: well-known nuisance up to his old tricks

THE brother-in-law of missing Parmelia mother Iveta Mitchell admitted in Mandurah Court on Friday that he was accumulating nuisance charges to “rack up” a police bill.

Troy Robert Mitchell pleaded guilty to committing indecent acts in public, disorderly behaviour in a police lock-up, criminal damage and two counts of breaching a police based order.

The police prosecutor told the court that Mitchell was in Smart Street Mall on New Year’s Eve, which breached an order made two days earlier banning him from Mandurah’s CBD.

When he was arrested, he used the handcuffs restraining him to scratch a word into the police holding cell.

Mitchell spat on the bars, called police officers dogs and asked them to fight him.

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On January 19, at noon, Mitchell was at a Coodanup home when he became involved in an altercation with two women.

One of the women told Mitchell to grow some balls. In answer to this, he pulled his pants down and grabbed his genitals.

On the same date, Mitchell breached the banning order when he drove past police and yelled at them.

Magistrate Anne Longden asked Mitchell why he was racking up nuisance charges.

“They won’t spend the money digging my sister up, so I’m racking the bill up for them,” Mitchell said.

Magistrate Longden said there was no point fining Mitchell as he already had $10,000 in fines.

“I can’t work because of the stress involved doing the police’s job for them,” Mitchell said.

Magistrate Longden sentenced Mitchell to a six month community based order with supervision and program requirements.