Mandurah ranks inside Top 10 for animal cruelty hot spots, according to RSPCA WA

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MANDURAH has made RSPCA WA’s Top 10 cruelty hot spots in the metropolitan area.

The city ranked sixth in this year’s top 10 hot spots listing by postcode with 21 cases so far in 2018, up from eighth place last year (54) and down from third place (74) in 2016.

City of Mandurah came seventh (294) in the listing by local government for last year, in the same position as in 2016 but with 16 more cases.

RSPCA WA revealed the figures in support of its groundbreaking 20 for 20 campaign, launched last week.

Just four months into 2018, the figures demonstrate the real need for more animal welfare inspectors as the charity reaches out to households to chip in $20 to help improve coverage across the state to respond to calls.

RSPCA WA receives between 40-50 cruelty reports a day and last year investigated nearly 6000 cases.

The most common cruelty complaints received across WA last year included ill treatment such as kicking an animal, abandonment, insufficient food and water, and dogs left in hot cars.

Failure to alleviate harm, such as failing to take a sick or injured pet to the vet, was also one of the top five complaints received.

RSPCA WA chief executive David van Ooran said more inspectors were desperately needed as there were only 12 and cruelty was happening in locations RSPCA WA could not get to.

“With more inspectors on the roads, we can rescue more animals,’’ he said.

“It’s that simple.’’

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