Mandurah reporter hangs up her hat after 30 years

Mandurah reporter hangs up her hat after 30 years

AFTER 30 years reporting for the Mandurah Coastal Times, Jill Burgess has decided to hang up her hat.

Ms Burgess started her journalism career in the UK before moving to Mandurah. An award-winning reporter, Ms Burgess was passionate about politics, local government and the history of Mandurah.

She was commissioned by the City of Mandurah to write about the region’s history and her book Water Under the Bridge details significant events in Mandurah’s past.

Ms Burgess was also the editor of the Times for more than 15 years and trained many reporters.

“Its been amazing watching and recording the changes in Mandurah over the years,’’ she said.

Mayor Rhys Williams said Ms Burgess had been at the forefront of shaping Mandurah’s story for so long.

“Telling the stories that matter, celebrating our achievements and keeping us informed,” he said.

“It’s hard to imagine council meetings without Jill.

“We’re going to miss having her around, but I have no doubt she will continue to contribute to this community in new ways.”

Ms Burgess said she planned to keep writing and hopes to do voluntary work in the environmental, theatrical or political areas.