Mandurah Stealing Spree Revealed After Handbag Stolen

A MANDURAH mother, who had her handbag stolen from the back of her pram, inadvertently alerted police to her own stealing spree.

Lisa Ann Bridger (37) pleaded guilty in Mandurah Magistrates Court on Friday to seven counts of stealing.

The court heard Bridger stole more than $900 worth of goods from assorted stores at Mandurah Forum on December 3.

The police prosecutor told the court that Bridger put items in the back of her pram and took them to her car.

She went back and forth like this from 2pm to 9pm.

Bridger stole $250 worth of clothes and jewellery from Cotton On, $206 worth of jewellery from Lovisa, a handbag worth $39.99 from Betts and Betts, items from Dusk worth $98.86, a camera from Cash Converters worth $70, electrical and baby goods from Woolworths worth $103 and $109 worth of women’s clothes from Suzanne Grae.

At 9pm, a person working at Mandurah Forum called the police because they had concerns for Bridger’s welfare.

They told police Bridger was visibly distressed because her handbag had been stolen from her pram.

While police were at Bridger’s car, they noticed numerous stolen items on the back seat.

They became suspicious because the items were not inside shopping bags.

The duty lawyer, who represented Bridger, said Bridger “got herself into a state” about her financial situation.

She said Bridger did not have enough money for Christmas.

The duty lawyer said the theft of Bridger’s bag helped Bridger understand the impact her own theft may have had.

Bridger was given a global fine of $600.