Mandurah stranger danger warning

MANDURAH Catholic College released a stranger danger warning after a year seven student was approached on Tuesday afternoon.

The incident occurred after the student exited the bus in Dawesville at 3.45pm.

The student spotted a white Ute, similar to a Toyota Hilux, behind the bus.

Allegedly, the car turned around and a man wound down the window and asked the 13-year-old boy if he wanted a lift home.

The student said no and the man drove away.

He was described as 45 to 55 years old with tanned skin, a bald head and a wrinkly brow.

The man was wearing a gold necklace and had a black dog in the rear seat of the Ute.

The school has warned students to try to travel in company, to be alert – headphones can reduce awareness, keep their mobile phones turned on and to avoid getting too close to cars that stop nearby.

Call police on 131 444 to report an incident.