Mandurah: truck driver ordered to pay restitution after being found guilty of stealing

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A TRUCK driver who stole a number of iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones and more than $960 in cash from a range of Perth stores will pay up to $5000 in restitution costs.

Mark Alexander Lee Steere pleaded guilty in Mandurah Magistrates Court yesterday to breaching bail, careless driving, driving with suspended fines and 12 counts of stealing.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Mick Fallows said Lee Steere and a co-accused drove to Bunnings Mandurah, where Lee Steere stole two drill cases and plywood on April 18 2017 and they both drove away.

Lee Steere and the co-accused were later stopped by police and arrested.

Police said from January 30, 2016 to July 3, 2017, Lee Steere stole sporadically from businesses around Perth including Big W stores located in Mandurah, Riverton and Armadale, Cash Converter stores in Fremantle and Armadale, and Target stores in Fremantle, Victoria Park and Armadale.

During this time, Constable Fallows said Lee Steere stole items including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, an MP3 player and more than $960 in cash from a range of in-store tills around Perth.

Lee Steere will have to pay up to $5000 in restitution costs.

Police said on October 19, 2016 Lee Steere tried to run a person off the road several times.

Prosecution said on February 21, 2017 Lee Steere was stopped by police on Anstruther Road for no authority to drive as he hadn’t paid driving fines, and on August 17, 2017 Lee Steere failed to appear in court and breached bail.

A pre-sentence report was given to the Magistrate outlining Lee Steere’s personal issues, his ceased drinking, personal relationship breakdown and loss of dog.

Defence lawyer Rosie Myers said Lee Steere had a history of offending.

Ms Myers said Lee Steere had issues with his license.

Defence said Lee Steere was currently on Centrelink as he had difficulties finding employment and paying off previous fines.

Ms Myers said Lee Steere’s previous stealing offences of jewellery were more serious and had landed him in prison.

“ (Steere’s) offences from 2016 to last year involve him stealing systematically at vulnerable places,” the Magistrate said.

The Magistrate said the pre-sentence report explained how Lee Steere had to make ends meet a time of unemployment.

The Magistrate sentenced Lee Steere for the two stealing offences over $1000, a 12-month community based order with supervision and program requirements.

For the 10 stealing offences under $1000, the Magistrate Flynn sentenced Lee Steere to 12 hours of community work for each offence – a total of 120 hours to be completed in six months.

Lee Steere must also pay restitution costs and obey return of property orders.

The Magistrate also fined Lee Steere $900 for breach of bail, driving with suspended fines and careless driving offences.

The Magistrate said Lee Steere’s driving record was quite good and understood driving was relevant to him with employment and his licence wasn’t disqualified.

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