Mandurah Volunteer Marine Rescue Centre hosting radio-use sessions

Brian Muir shows Gail Summers how to use a radio.
Brian Muir shows Gail Summers how to use a radio.

THE recent near tragedy of a fisherman off Perth’s northern suburbs has highlighted the importance of boaters to Log On when venturing out and also the need to have an operating marine radio.

Mandurah Volunteer Marine Rescue Group is becoming increasingly aware of the number of people involved in recreational boating who do not know how to operate their marine radios.

Competent operation can save the lives of all on board in the event of a mishap.

A Rescue Group spokesman said one of the most common responses from boaters asked why they used a mobile phone rather than a radio was that they did not know how to use them.

He said mobile phones had a limited range compared to a marine radio; mobile phones provided a one-to-one service while marine radios provided a one-to-many service.

Mandurah Volunteers Marine Rescue Group provides monthly information sessions on Knowing Your Marine Radio at their Broadwater Parade headquarters.

The two-hour sessions cover different types of radio, correct operation, correct forms of radio procedure and emergency radio procedure.

The sessions are free to holders of Mandurah Marine Rescue call signs or $15 to non-call sign holders.

Call 9535 4789 between 9am and 5pm.

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