Mandurah woman shocked after cigarette is put out on her neck

Mandurah woman shocked after cigarette is put out on her neck

A MANDURAH mother was “shocked” when a man butted his cigarette out on her neck while she was using an ATM in Mandurah today

Halls Head resident Kya Sue said she was taking out money from the ANZ machine on Sholl Street at about 11.30am when the man, unknown to her, approached her.

“I was at the ATM, waiting for my cash to come out while a couple was waiting behind me,” she said.

“I could hear someone talking really loudly so I turned around and saw a man talking to himself, holding a bottle of wine, and I tried not to make eye contact with him.

“He came in front of the two people behind me and suddenly he smacked me on my back which launched me forward, and I didn’t realise at the time but he had put a cigarette butt out on the back of my neck.”

The mother of two said after the incident, she felt a burning sensation on her neck and realised the man had burnt her skin.

“I visited the doctor and he said the man burnt the first layer of my skin,” she said.

Miss Sue said she felt “helpless” and too scared to say anything to her attacker.

“I was shocked and the man just walked off, not even fussed or fazed about what he had just done,” she said.

“I didn’t say anything because I saw he could be aggressive.

“With everything going on in the news about females not feeling safe, it’s relatable – you can’t step outside anymore.”

Miss Sue said she reported the incident to police.