Woman ‘sorry’ for elaborate Asian prostitution ring fantasy

An anonymous woman standing on street corner at dusk. Picture: iStock
An anonymous woman standing on street corner at dusk. Picture: iStock

A WOMAN who launched an expensive investigation into a make-believe Asian prostitution ring has apologised for her lies in Mandurah court today.

Elaine Anne Gilhespy (55) pleaded guilty to creating a false belief.

Police prosecutor Sean Discomb said Gilhespy called 000 on seven occasions from 8.28pm to 11.06 pm from January 20 to 21.

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Gilhespy called from an iPhone with no SIM card and said she was being held against her will at an unknown location.

Speaking Cantonese, she said she was being held for prostitution as part of an Asian crime syndicate.

She told them she was detained with dozens of other women and a 14-year-old girl.

Elaine Anne Gilhespy pleaded guilty.


Her calls launched a 15-day State-wide servitude investigation involving multiple agencies such as the Water Police, Customs, the Australian Federal Police and local police.

The investigation incurred costs of tens of thousands of dollars.

Police searched her Ravenswood address and Gilhespy admitted it was a hoax.

Gilhespy said she was in a lot of pain, was on medication at the time and her father had recently died of cancer.

In English, Gilhespy said she was sorry for the trouble she caused and she would never do it again.

Gilhespy was placed on a 12-month community-based order with program requirements.

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