Mandurah woman thinks missing pet among 50 dumped guinea pigs

Mandurah woman thinks missing pet among 50 dumped guinea pigs

A MANDURAH woman suspects one of the more than 50 guinea pigs dumped in bushland near Mandurah yesterday belongs to her.

Amy Harrison said one of the guinea pigs pictured above looks exactly like her missing pet.

“One of my guinea pigs (was) stolen in the last three days but two of them were stolen over three weeks ago,” she said.

“They aren’t micro-chipped and they were kept outside in a closed hutch.”

Volunteers spent Tuesday afternoon scouring bushland in Furnissdale for the dumped pets.

Shocked witnesses said a man dumped the guinea pigs near a boat ramp.

Some of the guinea pigs arrived at the RSPCA’s Malaga shelter this afternoon.

RSPCA WA media advisor Richard Schoonraad said an investigation was underway.

“We don’t have all of them but local members of the community took some as well,” he said.

“We’re not sure about why they were dumped but we’ve been given a lead, and a witness saw it happen and took some details which we are currently following up.

“Without trying to predict what the reasons are, we suspect some of them may be pregnant and usually when this happens it could be the case that there’s so many of them that the owners are a bit overwhelmed.

“It doesn’t take very long for a litter of guinea pigs to turn into many guinea pigs.”

Mr Schoonraad said there have been no other reported cases of suspected stolen guinea pigs.

An RSPCA WA spokeswoman said while it was unlikely any of the guinea pigs they collected belonged to Ms Harrison, they would investigate.

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