Mandurah’s dolphins showed off newborns on Mother’s Day

One of the newborns and its mother.
One of the newborns and its mother.

ON Mother’s Day, Mandurah’s mother dolphins showed off their two new calves, who were caught on camera by Mandurah Cruises.

This brings Mandurah’s newborn dolphin count to 11 for the year.

Mandurah Cruises spokeswoman Natalie Goddard said the dolphin calves all appear to be happy and healthy.

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“They’re staying close to their mother’s side and quickly learning the dolphin ways of life,” she said.

“All the mums have been sighted spending a lot of time together along with their calves, which happens each birthing season.

“This has resulted in larger combined pods of 10 plus dolphins.”

Ms Goddard said these combined pods increase social benefits for the young dolphins.

“They also receive more protection for their newborns,” she said.

“The calves will then stay by their mother’s side and suckle their mother’s milk for up to 18 months.”

Ms Goddard said surfing on the wake of their vessels is a regular activity for Mandurah’s dolphins.

“On birth of their newborns, mothers and their pods have been quick to introduce us to their calves and teach them how to surf our wake,” she said.

“This is our favourite time of the year where we see a number of newborns along our cruise route.”

Ms Goddard said the common bottlenose dolphins have many partners in their lifetime.

“They take part in mating when the water is more than 21 to 22 degrees,” she said.

“Here in Mandurah that is in the warmer months from November to May.

“With a 12 month pregnancy term most calves are born during this period also.

“So, there is a lot of action on the water at the moment here in Mandurah.”

Their newborn’s names are Comet (mum is Hayley), Halo (mum is Hatrick), Ziggy (mum is Bowie), Nugget (mum is Gnawra), Easter (mum is Christmas), Scuba (mum is Diver), Lita (mum is Zetta), Luna (mum is Lucy), Herbie (mum is Boris), Cathy (mum is Mowgli) and Pan (mum is Bendy Wendy).

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