Mandurah’s Mataya Eatery turning sweet desserts into comforting beverages

MANDURAH’S Mataya Eatery has turned sweet, indulgent desserts like tiramisu and Turkish delight into milky, comforting tea lattes.

Head Barista Leah Mckeown said they’re the only cafe in WA to stock the dessert-flavoured beverages.

“The desert tea lattes are made of tea concentrate which is of a liquid-like consistency and made of ingredients including cacao nibs, filtered water and organic agave syrup,” she said.

The sweet drinks are made with milk but the cafe also caters to vegan-friendly milk options.

“We can add any milk the customer wants – soy, coconut milk, almond milk, lactose free and normal milk,” she said.

“Most of them don’t change the texture of the drink except almond milk as the texture can change when you steam it.”

According to Ms Mckeown, it’s quite simple to make from a baristas point of view.

“To make the tea latte, I add milk to the tea concentrate, steam the mixture together, pour and decorate,” she said.

Ms Mckeown said she adds one extra shot of coffee to the tiramisu tea latte to give it an extra kick.

“You can only find these sweet drinks here in Mandurah.”