Mandurah’s Reg Lambert (92) celebrated during National Volunteer Week

Generous and compassionate volunteer Reg Lambert.
Generous and compassionate volunteer Reg Lambert.

IT is National Volunteer Week, where residents who work selflessly to make their community better are celebrated.

Seascape Gardens resident Reg Lambert (92) for more than two decades has worked with local organisations providing aid and support to homeless men and women, many suffering from depression and addiction.

Mr Lambert began volunteering his time after realising there was a lack of support and willing volunteers to help those living on the streets in his local area.

Every day, Mr Lambert spends a few hours each morning giving coffee, blankets and other necessities to local homeless people.

He does this in collaboration with a variety of charities who provide support for homeless and disadvantaged people.

Mr Lambert enjoys getting to know the people he supports on a personal level and will often spend many hours chatting with them over coffee.

He first started volunteering after opening his home to a local homeless man, who had vandalised his house. Instead of reporting the incident, Mr Lambert provided the man with both a meal and a bed, and assisted him to get the support he needed to improve his life.

From this incident, Mr Lambert learnt that many homeless people were not in their situation by choice, and that with the right dignified help they were willing and eager to improve their circumstances.

“The most rewarding part of volunteering is seeing people change for the better and going on to help others,” he said.

“It swells the heart with joy.”

A heavily addicted couple he met have been volunteering alongside him for more than three months.

Mr Lambert welcomes others to come and join him.

n Want to volunteer? Go to www.peel or call 9581 1187 to see what volunteering opportunities are available in the Peel region.