Mandurah’s Where’s Wally pops up everywhere

Lisa was Where's Wally at a radio interview.
Lisa was Where's Wally at a radio interview.

WHEN Mandurah mother Lisa Kelly first donned a Where’s Wally outfit a year ago, she had no idea the places her alter ego would take her.

Lisa Kelly as Where’s Wally on Sunrise.

Since then Lisa and her Wally outfit have gained national attention on Channel 7’s Sunrise with the Cash Cow.

She has been interviewed by the 92.9 radio station and been on a new podcast Aussie Angels.


Lisa has taken part in World Dance Day as Wally, visited the residents at Bethanie Peel on Volunteer Day and covered books at schools throughout the Peel region.

She even had people dancing in the street after Grease the Musical with her Wally persona.

Lisa said the idea to dress as Wally came up when someone commented that her husband kept popping up at different places like Where’s Wally. So she bought him a Where’s Wally outfit and the rest is history.

“I don’t get nervous dressed as Wally, but I would if I was Lisa Kelly,” she said.

Lisa said she loved inspiring awe in children with her character.

But the reaction from adults was just as rewarding.

“A lot of people comment that I am bringing back fond childhood memories,” she said.

“A transit guard called me a ray of sunshine.

Where’s Wally at Bethanie Peel.

“If I leave this world knowing I made people smile and made their day a little better I will be so happy.”

Lisa said we live in a disconnected society.

“But when I am Where’s Wally, people come and talk to me,” she said.

“Wally has opened up my world – I have met so many people.”

Where’s Wally taking a Cultural Knowledge Tour with George Walley.

Lisa said there were always going to be haters.

“But as long as you’re not hurting anyone, it makes you happy and you’re making people smile – keep doing it,” she said.

As for the future, Lisa hopes to take Wally to volunteer at children’s hospitals and afterschool care.

There might be a few overseas adventures for Wally too, such as trips to Bali and Croatia.