MAPTO launches campain to lure tourists to Mandurah

White water rafting.
White water rafting.

MANDURAH and Peel Tourist Organisation (MAPTO) has launched a campaign to lure visitors to the region this winter.

Targeting the Perth market, the aim of the campaign is to increase awareness of Mandurah and the Peel as the ideal destination for day trips and short stays.

MAPTO chief executive Karen Priest said they have been working with local business and events to promote special offers to drive visitation during the traditionally quieter winter months.

“The results of our recent consumer research showed potential visitors and residents really don’t know enough about the region,’’ she said.

“There are lingering perceptions there’s not much to do outside crabbing and boating.

“The good news is the research also showed when people are told how diverse the Peel is, they are much more likely to visit and recommend it to family and friends.

“This campaign is part of the strategy to re-educate the Perth market on what Mandurah and the Peel reigon has to offer and create pride in locals to become advocates.”

Using the tagline Take yourself out of the ordinary this winter, the campaign highlights the winter experiences that can be enjoyed in the cooler months, with an emphasis on how close they are to Perth.

“Winter in Mandurah and the Peel region offers stunning green landscapes, glistening forests, flowing rivers, misty mornings to enjoy cosy cafes, tasty reds, heart country meals by open fires, white water rafting, mountain biking, bushwalking, school holiday activities and winter events, ’’ Ms Priest said.

“I’m encouraged to see so many local businesses get on board with the campaign and there’s still time for others to join.

“It’s free for local business to be part of this campaign through promotion of special deals or offers, winter events or donation of prizes for competitions.’’

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