Measles alert at campus

Two people with locally acquired measles attended the hospital. The initial case attended on February 7 and the second case on February 17 and 21.

According to Virus Watch, both cases spent significant periods of time in the Southern Metropolitan area, including PHC, while infectious.

‘It is important to note adults with measles can be acutely unwell and need hospital care,’ a Ramsay Health Care spokeswoman said.

PHC staff told patients and visitors of the risks.

‘The letters are primarily a health promotional material to inform people if they do become unwell to advise health care providers they have potentially been in contact with measles,’ the spokeswoman said.

Local resident Shirley Roberts was alarmed by the letter. She was in the Emergency Department on February 17 and 21. The letter said she may develop symptoms until March 14. Mrs Roberts has had chemotherapy for cancer and her weakened immune system makes her more susceptible.

‘Immunisation is a choice, but if you choose not to be immunised and contract a disease then stay home. It’s your choice but don’t pass it on,’ she said.

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