Mercy Place Mandurah staff forfeit family on Christmas Day to spend time with residents

L to R -Georgi Thorneycroft (Staff), Osbourne Truman (Client), Bill Adair (Client) & Kirsty Fowler (Staff) Picture: Jon Hewson
L to R -Georgi Thorneycroft (Staff), Osbourne Truman (Client), Bill Adair (Client) & Kirsty Fowler (Staff) Picture: Jon Hewson

QUALIFIED carer Georgi Thorneycroft is just one of the dedicated care staff who will forfeit Christmas day with their families to help care for the dozens of residents at local aged care home Mercy Place Mandurah.

“I love my job and so spending Christmas Day with residents isn’t really like working; it’s an honour to be here to care for those seniors who are unable to be with their families,” Ms Thorneycroft said.

“Although some of our residents celebrate Christmas with their own families, there are many who don’t have anyone to go home to and it’s just wonderful to be there for them, particularly as I think of them in many ways as part of my own family.

“They are beautiful people.”

Ms Thorneycroft will be one of dozens of staff members who will work on Christmas Day, including nurses, cooks and kitchen helpers, all of whom will be focused on ensuring that residents enjoy a traditional Christmas lunch as well as tending to their daily care needs on December 25.

Mercy Place Mandurah service manager Christina Venables said that in many ways, the local care staff were the angels of the community during the festive season.

“When most people are opening presents on Christmas Day, tucking into Christmas lunch, pouring a celebratory drink or enjoying family company, Mercy Place Mandurah staff will be caring for others in their usual dedicated way,” she said.

“We’re extremely fortunate to have so many committed team members that are only too happy to go the extra mile to care for our residents and also help to inject a little Christmas spirit into their day.”