MLA pushes for safer entrance

lakelands roads safety concern
lakelands roads safety concern

Mr Templeman said Catalina Drive was a busy road with residential traffic in and out of the Lakelands Estate and also traffic taking children to and from Mandurah Baptist College on Catalina Drive.

He said he had been agitating for Main Roads and Lakelands developer Peet and Co to extend Banksiadale Gate, the road to the north of Lakelands Estate, which he believed needed to be extended as soon as possible to connect to the existing intersection of Madora Beach and Mandurah roads.

‘This extension would create a safe, four-way, traffic light controlled intersection allowing people living in the north of Lakelands to access Mandurah Road safely,’ he said.

‘It would also reduce traffic volumes on the main road in the estate, Yindana Boulevard.’

Mr Templeman said if Mr Buswell refused to address the Banksiadale Gate proposal, traffic lights would need to be seriously considered for Catalina Drive.

‘At the moment this entrance to Lakelands is becoming increasingly unsafe and must be addressed as a priority,’ he said.

‘I have been approached by many Lakelands residents and parents who take their children to the Mandurah Baptist College about this safety concern. ‘