MLA wants Shark Mitigation System trial in Mandurah

MLA wants Shark Mitigation System trial in Mandurah

MANDURAH MLA David Templeman wants Mandurah beaches, particularly Falcon Bay, Avalon, Madora Bay ands Silver Sands, to be part of any trial of the shark mitigation system Clever Buoy.

Mr Templeman has met with the Perth-based company’s executive director Craig Anderson to discuss the system.

The Clever Buoy is a near-shore shark detection system using state-of-the-art sonar and identification software to detect sharks and relay accurate, real-time data.

The detection system is deployed beyond the surf zone and uses multi-beam sonar transducers mounted on the ocean floor, along with newly developed detection software to scan for marine life.

The system is now commercially available after three years research and development that culminated in a three-month deployment at Bondi Beach.

The technology is also already deployed in ocean-based resorts in Asia and South Africa.

Mr Templeman said that there was no doubt recent shark attacks, including the tragic death of shark attack victim Ben Gerring in Falcon in May, had elevated people’s wariness of entering the water.

“I think the State Government, in partnership with local government, should be immediately trialling the system on a number of beaches,’’ he said.

“The project could be funded by a special Royalties for Regions project grant.”

Mr Templeman said that with the current unease about sharks and the fact that it had the potential to affect tourism and economic activity, such proposals must be seriously considered.

Mr Templeman has written to the City of Mandurah and the Premier, requesting that the Clever Buoy system be considered for funding through Royalties for the Regions before summer.