Mosquitoes no more this year than last year: City of Mandurah

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DESPITE a seeming influx of big fat mosquitoes last weekend, the mosquito population is no higher than any other year and on par with August last year, according to the City of Mandurah.

The City and Peel Mosquito Management Group completed two aerial treatments in August although weather conditions prevented treatments in July and early August.

The breeding level each winter in the Peel Region is influenced by local weather and tide conditions.

A council spokesman said fine, sunny and calm conditions over the weekend allowed people to enjoy the outdoors and the first break in winter weather meant mosquitoes naturally became more active, along with most inspect species.

Freshwater mosquitoes that breed in backyards will also become more active and residents should check their backyards and remove any standing water.

The spokesman said the City and PMMG would continue to manage mosquito breeding in coming months and foresaw a season similar to last year, based on current predicted environmental outlooks.