Mother reaches out to the driver who hit her daughter

IN a touching move � the mother of a girl ran over at a Madora Bay intersection yesterday � has reached out to the driver of the car via social media.

Rebecca Ainsworth posted on a Mandurah community Facebook page last night to reassure the community her 11-year-old daughter is ok.

Her daughter Ebony was struck by a car on Mandurah Road, near Madora Beach Road, after school yesterday.

She was crossing the road, when a car allegedly doing 70km/h hit her.

�To those children and drivers who witnessed it today (Tuesday), I also hope you are ok as I couldn�t imagine what you would be going through seeing it,� Ms Ainsworth said.

�Thank you to all those who helped Ebony- my baby girl is lucky to be here.

�The police and emergency services were once again amazing.�

Ms Ainsworth told the Mandurah Coastal Times that she knew Ebony would be ok.

�She came out better than what could have been,� she said.

�It�s a long road, but there are so many people traumatised by this and I wanted the driver to know she is ok.

�I know I�d be beside myself worrying if I were a witness in that position, so I reached out.�

Her daughter was �banged up head to toe� and remained sedated at Princess Margaret Hospital last night.

She had surgery today to clean and stitch her wounds.

Ms Ainsworth said she is �a tough cookie�.

Police are investigating the accident.

Ms Ainsworth�s post garnered 633 likes and 129 comments of support.