MP slams train fare, living cost increases

‘People on low and fixed incomes will come out of this Budget badly,’ he said.

‘Electricity up 4.5 per cent, public transport fares up 4 per cent for adults and student fares up 20 per cent, water rates up 6 per cent and car registration up 25 per cent.’

Mr Templeman said he was concerned those who relied on the train for work, study or medical appointments would be faced with an increase in fares.

‘And to top it off, the Federal Liberal Government is about to slug them more for fuel,’ he said.

‘There is nothing in the Budget for the Peel Region. We live in one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia, we have the highest rate of youth unemployment in the country and all the Premier does is make it even tougher.

‘No-one is spared ” even school kids are targeted with a big increase in bus fares.

‘There is no relief in sight for the people of Mandurah, for the agencies who help those in desperate need, for the homeless, unemployed or those struggling to get back into education and training.’

Mr Templeman said he would raise all these concerns about the impact of the Budget.