Murdoch University takes the law to Mandurah Baptist College

Murdoch University takes the law to Mandurah Baptist College

MURDOCH University students have been nurturing their passion for law among Mandurah Baptist College students as part of a program which aims to advance their legal knowledge.

Students were taught about the High Court as part of Murdoch University’s Law in the Community program.

The program involves 29 undergraduates who would deliver lessons to pupils from eight schools in the Perth metro area.

Murdoch’s Law in the Community program has seen undergraduates deliver lessons on topics like sexting and evidence in murder cases.

The Murdoch program was inspired by the United States-based Street Law initiative.

The program aims to educate communities about law, democracy and human rights.

Murdoch School of Law’s Clinical Director Anna Copeland, who runs the program, said the lessons would give high school students a fresh perspective on legal matters.

“Our students have run sessions on sexting, bullying, drugs and the environment,” she said.

“The Murdoch students have been delivering lessons on topics chosen by the teachers, and then returning to run sessions which address topics identified by the students as important to them.

“The program gives our students the chance to practice essential presentation and communication skills and share their passion for law with pupils who may be considering higher education study.”

Mandurah Baptist College teacher Catherine Tuite said the Murdoch students helped her pupils consolidate their knowledge and understanding of the High Court’s influence in Australia’s political and legal system.

“The students Serena Williams and Lala Brobby were fantastic and engaging,” she said.

“They provided thought-provoking and entertaining quizzes and games that the students enjoyed, and even worked through a mock trial with them.”