Natural gas suvey for Falcon and Dawesville residents

Natural gas suvey for Falcon and Dawesville residents

FALCON and Dawesville residents have indicated strong support for the introduction of reticulated natural gas to the local area, based on early results of a resident survey.

Natural gas network ATCO is conducting an online survey to gauge resident interest in connecting to natural gas if it was available. Early indications demonstrate strong support for the potential program.

Business Development and Customer Experience general manager Russell James said the number of positive responses indicate there is community support for the program, but more respondents were needed.

“Compared to other sources of energy, natural gas offers a lower carbon footprint and lower costs,’ he said.

“ATCO would like the residents of Falcon and Dawesville to be able to access these benefits.

“By completing our short survey you will help us determine if there is enough community interest in natural gas for it to be feasible to undertake the work.”

When the suburbs of Falcon and Dawesville were first established, reticulated natural gas was not available as an energy option for households.

Over time, the development of neighbouring suburbs has brought natural gas into the surrounding areas.

Results from ATCO’s survey will be used to help the company determine whether or not to proceed with the works.

“If community interest is as strong as early indications suggest, we would then undertake detailed planning and cost assessments,” Mr James said.

“If the work is feasible, we will potentially undertake the works within a 12-18 month period.”

Letters from ATCO have been delivered to residents explaining the process.

To complete the survey visit better add gas.