NBN rollout set to boost City’s CCTV

Brand MHR Gary Gray announced this week that the improved CCTV network would provide high-definition images and fast playback due to the high bandwidth of the NBN.

‘As the NBN is rolled out across the country, the Federal Government has encouraged local government to apply for funding under the Digital Local Government Program, an initiative that helps councils develop innovative online services that make use of the abilities of the NBN,” he said.

Mr Gray said the City of Mandurah was one of just 15 councils chosen for funding nationwide and would receive $281,250 to deliver the initiative.

‘This particular project, which involves transferring large amounts of high-definition CCTV camera footage over the NBN at accelerated speeds, will significantly change the way in which police are able to respond to incidents captured on CCTV.

‘It will greatly improve the picture quality’

Mandurah Mayor Paddi Creevey said the council would contribute around $103,000 to the project.

‘The project will increase our CCTV coverage area and enhance the City’s security by use of an NBN-enabled camera network,’ she said.