Movement at the station with new OIC

Movement at the station with new OIC

SENIOR Sergeant Rob Lewis has taken up the post of Officer in Charge at Mandurah Police Station.

Sen Sgt Lewis has been on the force for 30 years and has lived in Mandurah for 11 years.

His love for the area is one of the reasons he took the position.

“I live locally, I enjoy it, great lifestyle, I love it down here,” he said.

“It means a lot, I’ve been entrusted with setting down the direction of the policing for the Mandurah sub-district.

“I’m committed to the area and the community.”

Sen Sgt Lewis has served in regional WA, the Police Transport Unit, investigating organised graffiti gangs, the Regional Operations Group and also has experience working in Mandurah.

For the past few years, he has been OIC on the Response South Team that was based in Mandurah and worked at the District Office before returning to be OIC at Mandurah Police Station.

During his time in the police service, he has identified the importance of keeping kids out of the justice system and is looking to work with providers of youth programs to try and make sure they get the opportunity to become pillars of society as well as getting learning opportunities they may not get elsewhere.

“(I want to) look at building on the relationships between the providers and services for youth programs to try and keep kids out of the justice system,” he said.

“That’s by no means saying that kids are the biggest offenders around here, it’s not the case.

“But to look at ways of getting our youth out of the system, it’s basically a prevention strategy,” he said.

He is also looking at finding the best way for police to address the community’s concerns.

“I’m committed to maintaining our strong stance against anti-social behaviour,” he said.