New project seeks help to inspire young people in Peel region

Students and mentors at the Innovators Tea Party for Peel Bright Minds in 2019.
Students and mentors at the Innovators Tea Party for Peel Bright Minds in 2019.

PEEL Bright Minds is starting a new project to inspire young people, especially high school students, and is seeking help from people in local careers involving entrepreneurship, science, technology engineering, arts or maths (ESTEAM).

The project will develop a series of five local employment success videos showcasing young local ‘career stars’ in ESTEAM-related careers.

Young people aged 30 and under who have interesting and diverse careers in the Peel region are sought to be featured in the short videos. The career stars could be working in any industry in Peel such as agri-business, manufacturing, tourism, aged care or any other career or industry that involves ESTEAM.

Regional Development Australia Peel chief executive John Lambrecht said young people were not always aware of the diverse career opportunities available in the Peel.

“We would like to inspire them to consider some of the career options available in innovative industries in the region,’’ he said.

The videos will be available online and promoted to local high school students.

They will also be promoted as a resource to the careers advisors and teachers who support young people in their study and career choices.

Peel Bright Minds has received grant funds from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal ANZ Seeds of Renewal program to support the project.

Anyone who knows someone who would be a candidate should check out the information on the opportunities section of the Peel Bright Minds website.