New upstairs bar proposed for Mandurah

New upstairs bar proposed for Mandurah

A NEW watering hole could be added to the attractions of Mandurah’s city centre.

EMACC Pty Ltd wants to expand their current operations and has asked the City of Mandurah to support the redevelopment of the upstairs function area of Asian eatery Hans Caf into a small bar to be known as Brew Vino.

As the new operation would be independent of the ground floor tenancy, a separate entrance, with stairs and a lift would also be necessary and the owners have asked for 73 square metres of extra land that is part City-owned and part Crown Reserve to be added to the lease area.

At its meeting this week, the council recommended both the advertising of and, if no submissions were received, disposal of the extra land and a variation of the lease to restaurant and small bar.

The new sub-lease is subject to Minister for Lands approval.

In 2005, Hans Caf was approved by the City of Mandurah as an Asian food chain restaurant/function centre.

In 2012, EMACC sold the franchise and sublet the building but the restaurant closed its door in 2015.

Hans Cafe opened with a new tenant in 2016.

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