No Room For Tears: Lake Clifton mother Kayla Croft’s first book published

No Room For Tears: Lake Clifton mother Kayla Croft’s first book published

LAKE Clifton mother Kayla Croft is celebrating the launch of her first book No Room for Tears next month.

Kayla quit her job as technician at Alcoa several years ago to pursue her dream of becoming an author.

“I put pen to reams of paper and wrote my first book,” she said.

“What an amazing journey – though painstaking and slow at times, too … but I did learn the virtue of patience.”

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No Room For Tears took Kayla five years to write, researching, interviewing, writing, attending court appearances, editing and publishing.

The book is a deeply personal, moving biography of a young man who was let down by the law, his family and the mental health care system in WA. The protagonist Matt will do everything to protect his daughter and give her the life he never had.

Kayla described No Room for Tears as an abuse story exploring the mental illness issues in society today.

“It also challenges the idea that ‘men don’t cry’ and you’re weak if you show emotion,” she said.

Kayla said what she loved about writing was the freedom of expression.

“I love the feel of a pen in my hand, notepad on my lap, and watching the words flow in front of me as characters take shape and go on their unique journeys,” she said.

Kayla has had short stories and novellas published in magazines and newspapers over the years.

“I put my writing aspirations on hold while I studied at college,” she said.

“I needed a career, a backup plan, in case my writing dreams fell through.”

After studying chemistry for three years, Kayla was offered a job at Alcoa. She worked there for about 17 years before she decided to take the plunge and pursue a career as an author.

Kayla has written a second book Obsession, a fictional novel about a superstar NFL player, his toffee-nosed wife, an obsessed fan and a secret love interest.

“It’s similar to a Jackie Collins type novel – saucy, sexy and scintillating,” she said.

Kayla is the process of having Obsession published.

To purchase No Room for Tears visit or download an eBook from Amazon or Kobo.

Book launch

WHAT: No Room for Tears book launch

WHERE: Ocean Bar and Grill

WHEN: Saturday, February 18 from 4pm


Abused by his father, bullied at school, even dreams of death that came true, took Matt to the point of suicide.

Given another chance gave him courage and confidence.

Though a larrikin teenager, he braved bushfire and flood to help others.

But when he found true love it cost him dearly. Not once but twice.

Dealing with domestic violence and partners with mental illness, left Matt struggling with inadequate mental health care and the Family Court.

And through it all he needed to protect his young daughter to try and give her the life he never had.

For Matt there always was – No Room for Tears.

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