Nothing fine about parking penalty

Ron Nicholls with his parking fine.
Ron Nicholls with his parking fine.

In April, Mr Nicholls had an appointment in Perth.

He spent 10 minutes at Mandurah train station in one free parking area looking for a bay and then moved to a second area where he was also unsuccessful. The third and paid bays also proved unfruitful, so he drove back to the first bay.

‘All up, I spent about 10 minutes in each bay,’ he said.

‘The spot was tucked up and covered in mulch, with no signs saying no parking.’

He missed his appointment and when he came home, there was a $50 fine waiting for him.

Mr Nicholls queried the fine and was told it would not be withdrawn.

There are more than 1100 car bays at the train station but most are full by midday.

Mr Nicholls said a Public Transport Authority (PTA) employee told him he should park at Centro Mandurah and catch a bus to the station.

A PTA representative said there were no plans to increase the number of bays at the station.

She said anyone who believed they have been wrongly issued with a fine by the PTA should contact 9326 2615.

Fines can be waived if the manager deems it not lawful, or if it should not have been issued in the first place.

Mr Nicholls said it would have been cheaper for him to drive to Perth.

‘The inspectors should be more considerate of people, put in this position, when they don’t have a choice,’ he said.