Opinion: NSW ban on greyhound racing doesn’t solve real issue

Opinion: NSW ban on greyhound racing doesn’t solve real issue

WHILE NSW Premier Mike Baird’s decision to ban greyhound racing looks like a great decision on the surface, it actually does little to alleviate animal suffering.

One state banning racing does not quash the industry as a whole.

The reasons to rid NSW of the greyhound racing industry came after a report was released revealing 48,000 to 68,000 greyhounds were killed over a 12 year period.

I wonder now how many more greyhounds will be killed now the dogs are definitely not needed?

A more sensible approach would be to take profits from the industry to set up homes for retired greyhounds, increase animal welfare standards and bring in more inspectors.

The industry also exists in every other state and this ban saves only a few racing greyhounds.

It also punishes breeders who genuinely love their animals and work with greyhounds because they love the industry.

Premier Baird had an opportunity to become a leader and show other states how to increase standards of animal welfare.

The gambling money will be funnelled into the horse racing industry, which has also been lambasted for its own cruel practices towards animals.

It is not really alleviating much suffering.

There are also 1000 people who will be without jobs because of this decision.

Real change does not come about from getting rid of something; it comes about from offering a better solution.