Mandurah roads used for speedways

I WITNESSED a close call at the intersection of Mandurah Road and Madora Bay Road on June 2, where a young school girl was lucky to survive being run over.

It raised the usual problem of speeding in Mandurah as a whole.

I have not seen any fixed radar or mobile speed traps on Mandurah Road in the past four months, and possibly longer, and my question to the police is why not.

With the huge amount of house construction in Mandurah and the council allowing developers to build on a grain of sand, the main road into Mandurah has become a speedway.

Speed changes seem to be ignored and the lack of police presence is noticeable, causing speeding motorists to ignore the speed signs.

As Mandurah has changed from a sleepy holiday area to now just a developers’ area south of Perth, the main roads into Mandurah need to be looked at.

If the council allows developers to build new areas, then surely they need to be involved in helping to pay for arterial and main roads surrounding the developments.


Madora Bay.